Our continuous growth is our strength. A determination to do better every time we design. To push the boundaries and exceed our clients expectations. We realize dreams and keep the budget in mind. We work with professional Engineers to ensure every complex detail is well thought out and managed.


A new home is a blank canvas. Working in the framework of the Town Planning rules and guided by the clients brief and budget we stretch our creativity. We work hand in hand with our Engineers to maximise the potential of the home and end value of the clients investment. Each home is designed holistically, every angle and façade imagined detailed and modelled in 3D using the latest Architectural software.


Holiday homes are an escape from busy city living and a reflection of the people that occupy them. This Natal South Coast home has been designed to soak up the sun and absorb the vast ocean views. It’s a place to relax and enjoy time out with friends and family. Interior and exterior flow seamlessly through the large stackable glass doors.

Cool in summer and warm in winter, every home in meticulously detailed and meets local building regulations, Green building principals & our very high building standards


The G3 Design practice is privileged to have built some marvelous homes for our clients. We too have built strong relationships with many of our clients and we have enjoyed repeat business from many. This was the third project that we did with these clients and completely different in style from the previous. Our client was looking for a modern home with state of the art finishes and fittings.

The home is one of a kind and impresses with a state of the art Home Automation and Theatre system, automated lighting and double glazed windows. The eclectic interior is generously proportioned and incredibly warm with bespoke Kitchen and walk in dressing rooms.


G3 Design was commissioned on a major alteration for new clients in Sandton. Concepts, working drawings and approvals were completed in record time to accommodate the client’s strict deadlines.

Our appointment on the project included cost comparisons between builders and overseeing the building process to a high level of finish and budget.
All existing walls were assessed with the appointed Engineers to ensure that the new structure was 100% sound when it was completed


When you purchase a valuable asset you would like to have confidence in the Design and project team to realise the Home’s full potential and value.

Sandhurst was such a project, and together with the G3 Design project team we designed and detailed the home from Entrance to Pool House, including interior shopfitting & cupboards.

In only a few months the clients moved into their new home just in time to celebrate the Christmas holidays fully renovated and detailed in its new splendour.


The G3 Design Team conceptualized a family home in a French style to be a refreshing change from the ordinary in a secure estate in Johannesburg The architectural concept demonstrated the team’s versatility in design.

The modest family home was managed from concept to completion and every effort was made to provide best effect and adhere to the budget.

We engaged specialist steel artisans to manufacture the internal and external balustrades and worked hand in hand with the Interior Designers to best realize the client’s dreams.


Toshiba Parkmore received a complete makeover at the hands of the G3 Design team. We managed the process from Town Planning & Council approval to detailing and construction supervision. We have been hands-on with finishes and internal layouts to shopfitting and electrical layouts. The building meets all City of Jo’burg zoning requirements and has been passed by the Parkmore Community Association.

The new offices transform the Parkmore streetscape and add an element of sophistication to one of Sandton’s business hotspots


Modern design elements have been employed on the 17 individual homes to bring cohesion to the Estate while allowing some freedom for the buyers to build homes with their own individual requirements.

All units are designed around green building principals, are energy efficient and are SANS 10400 compliant

Our team has been evolved from Town Planning through to final design of individual homes at 47 on Dennis in Lone Hill.


The demand for affordable communal living has led to this high density development in Randburg. The result is stylishly designed apartment blocks offering 1 and 2 bedroom units.

To break the monotony each of the 5 blocks has been designed with a unique modern façade. The units remain similar in footprint to allow for an economical build.

The high end look and feel where both the developer and the end user are happy.